January's Book of the Month is.... "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz

The Black Legacy Book of The Month is from American author, Mike Michalowicz.

Michalowicz has lectured at universities all around the world, keynoted corporate gatherings, and made national television and radio appearances as an expert discussing entrepreneurial concepts and approaches he terms as a "Toilet-Paper Entrepreneur". Michalowicz's writing and interview style is blunt honesty, speckled with humor. The overarching theme of the book is how to change the common perception of focusing on growing revenue as high as possible, higher expenses will come (accept that right?), and maybe you MAY have profit leftover. He pushes the narrative of prioritizing your business decision based on profitability of new projects, losing those “fatty” areas in your business and running a lean, mean, profitable machine.

He offers wisdom like “The old, been-around-forever, profitless formula is: Sales – Expenses = Profit The new, Profit First Formula is: Sales – Profit = Expenses The math in both formulas is the same. Logically, nothing has changed. But Profit First speaks to human behavior—it accounts for the regular Joes of the world, like me,”

If you interested in learning about how to make your business more profitably, you can purchase this book at your local library, bookstore, Amazon.com (link below) or via audiobook with Audible (link below).

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“A financially healthy company is a result of a series of small daily financial wins, not one big moment. Profitability isn’t an event; it’s a habit. WHY”
— Mike Michalowicz
“You are no longer asking, “How can I make my business bigger?” You are asking, “How can I make my business healthier?” WHAT”

“You are no longer asking, “How can I make my business bigger?” You are asking, “How can I make my business healthier?” WHAT”

One of the most impactful quotes I've ever heard...

 “Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior.

What you do for yourself, what you do to yourself, and what you allow other people do to you is based upon what you think about yourself.

What you think about yourself is based upon what you have been taught about yourself.

What you have been taught about yourself is based upon everything you have read, heard, or seen about yourself.

When you control the radius of a man’s thoughts, you control the circumferences of his actions, because the mind cannot do or teach what it does not know.”

-Brother Michael Imhotep