The Importance of Education and Exposure

 “Right knowledge corrects wrong behavior.


What you do for yourself, what you do to yourself, and what you allow other people to do to you is based upon what you think about yourself.

What you think about yourself is based upon what you have been taught about yourself.

What you have been taught about yourself is based upon everything you have read, heard, or seen about yourself.

When you control the radius of a man’s thoughts, you control the circumferences of his actions, because the mind cannot do or teach what it does not know.”

-Brother Michael Imhotep

Ownership, ownership, ownership!

Black Legacy family, let me introduce you to Mr. Real Estate. Jay Morrison is a young urban leader who is bold, articulate, and hustled his way to the top. The reason why he is featured on the Black Legacy site is because his hustle and mindset is aligned with our mission of leaving a positive and fruitful legacy on this earth.  Check out this video of Jay coaching us about making money in the real estate market.