Da Soapbox Podcast

(Hosted by Shai Luv & JusRome)

Da Soapbox was a fresh comedy and social commentary podcast based out of Charlotte, North Carolina in Black Legacy Studios.

Shai Luv and JusRome will stand on their soapbox every other week discussing a variety of addicting, intelligent, innovative, controversial and sometimes idiotic (trending) topics. Join both hosts as they attempt to entertain and challenge your minds NO ONE OR NO TOPIC OFF LIMITS! Their perspectives will leave you feeling eager to continue the conversation!

Contact T. Linwood Woodley at tlwoodley@theblacklegacy.com if you looking to start your own podcast or take your current show to another level by improving your sound quality and reaching more people by uploading them on various channels such as Soundcloud, ITunes, and Pod-o-matic.

This podcast is currently archived. No active recording at this moment.